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                                  Harvey McCool,       Curt Seely,     Gord Barge,         Derek Routledge

                              Danielle Barge,           Jody Barge,            Ron Barge,


Vintage Express was formerly known as "The Backyardjammers" and the current band line up have been playing together in the Calgary Alberta area for a few years now. The Band was originally formed in 1989 although they didn't realize it at the time. Guitar player Curt Seely was born and raised in Bowness and when Jody and Gord bought the house next to Curt an instant musical bond was made. 

Curt Seely has been playing guitar since his early teens. Curt was in a few bands in the Calgary area but as with most musicians life took over and Curt did most of his playing around the campfire at the backyard neighbourhood parties. When Jody and Gord moved in next door it was an instant friendship and the Seely and Barge families spent many an evening jammin in the backyard, and that is how the first band name originated.

Little did Jody and Gord know but a couple weeks after moving in Jody became pregnant with Corey who joined the band at age 17. Corey is an excellent bass player and has shared the stage with many top performers in the Calgary area.  Corey moved out of Calgary in the fall of 2013 so Jim Lewis took over on the Bass and his years of experience and great vocals really fit the band quite nicely. Jim moved to BC in October 2014 and Harvey McCool took over the bass and the job of keeping Curt reined in now falls on his shoulders. There youngest child Danielle, also plays and sings with the band. Although she only turned 20 in the summer of 2015, she has been performing with Vintage Express since 2010. Vintage Express host an all ages jam and this was a great opportunity for Danielle to perform in public while being under age to perform in Bars

The band soon met sax player Derek Routledge and again there was an instant friendship. Derek has been playing the sax for most of his life and has played professionally with many big names in the industry. The 5 of them  would go around to local jams and soon were approached to host their own jam. They have been doing this now since 2007. They have had a couple drummers along the way with Nat De Palma being the first and then Neil Schoenthal. When Neil moved out of the Province, Derek asked a friend of his Bernard Reimer to come out to a couple jams and Bernard was with the band for about 5 years. Bernard decided to take a leave from playing because of a shoulder and elbow injury, so Curt Seely put down his guitar and pick up the sticks. Curt has been on drums since the summer of 2014.

Gords' Older Brother Ron (Buckshot) Barge Sits in with the band at many of there jams and shows in and around Calgary

Vintage Express play a great mix of party and dance music. The band is prepared to play everything from Classic Rock to Country, Blues, Oldies and just about anything in between, depending on what the client wants